CROW Feathers: Tal Dagan

Where are you from?

“I am originally from Israel and am soon to graduate vet school at the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine.”

What is your position at CROW?

“I am a Wildlife Veterinary Medicine externship student.”

How long have you worked at CROW?

“I just completed a 4 week program.”

What is your favorite animal and why?

“My favorite animal is definitely an owl, especially the Barred Owl. Other than the fact that they are adorable with their big round face and brown eyes, they are such fascinating creatures! A fun fact about them is that like many owl species, they have asymmetrical ears cavities, located at different heights over the head, which makes them able to pinpoint the location of sounds in multiple dimensions. ”

What is your favorite memory or story from your time at CROW?

“We had a Sanderling who was admitted with brevetoxicosis (red tide poisoning) symptoms and after 6 days in care he was cleared for release. We released him right on my favorite beach on the island around a group of other sanderlings and I was the one to open the box and set him free. It was a very special moment! He was a bit confused at first but took off pretty fast to join the other sanderlings and they all flew away together. Every time a wild animal gets released; I feel so blessed that we were able to help it. ”

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of CROW?

“Back home I live right by the beach, and I usually spend my free time there running on the shoreline, swimming, and surfing. I love going out with friends, listening to music, and exploring new hobbies all the time. I really enjoy my time on the island! It’s wonderfully peaceful and a world away from my usual routine. What really adds to the experience are the friendly locals that are always ready with a helping hand and a warm smile. On my days off I’m always at the beach, enjoying the water, and collecting shells. One of my favorite things to do here is biking around the island because every ride reveals new spots to explore. I also enjoy running along the island pathways during sunsets, hanging out, and sharing experiences with my fellow students at CROW. ”

What are some of your goals or aspirations for the future?

“From a young age, my unwavering aspiration has been to become a wildlife veterinarian. I was fascinated with National Geographic documentaries that showcased individuals committed to safeguarding nature and its inhabitants. Being at CROW, I’ve gotten an amazing perspective into the care of wildlife and how I know I can make a difference. I will soon be graduating and can use the groundwork to kick-start my veterinarian career!”

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