Vehicle Donation Program

Don’t Trade it, Donate it!

Vehicle donations are a wonderful way to do something useful with that old car you’ve had sitting in your backyard for what may seem like an eternity. It’s hard to know what to do with an older vehicle. Who really wants it? Do you try to sell it? What will you get out of it? Will it require added expense to fix it up before you can sell it? Or, will you have to pay to just have it towed out of your sight? Donating your car to a charity solves all those problems for you with comparative ease.

We accept all types of vehicles including;

  • Donate your car or truck
  • Donate your boat
  • Donate your motor home
  • Donate your motorcycle

You can make a charitable gift by donating a vehicle to CROW and claim a charitable deduction on your taxes. CROW’s vehicle donation program is a great opportunity for donors to get rid of old vehicles they no longer need and help support CROW.

Click here for more information about donating your vehicle.