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The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. (CROW) is Lee County’s only licensed wildlife hospital, and our mission is accomplished, in part, through educating the public about the work we do, the animals we help and how the community can become environmental stewards.

A little bird told us that teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage their students! For a limited time, CROW is offering an opportunity to enhance your distance-based teaching curriculum.  We can appear in your virtual classrooms with wildlife programs or even just to pop in with an animal ambassador to brighten up the students’ day! These interactive sessions allow your classroom to have an open dialogue with one of our education staff and animal ambassadors.

Our Animal Ambassadors were once recovering patients at CROW’s wildlife hospital, but they received injuries or were bred in captivity resulting in their inability for release. These members of our education team help to foster positive interactions with students, thus fostering an appreciation for the connection between humans, animals, and the environment. CROW currently has the following ambassadors available for virtual programming:

Irwin the Box Turtle

For teachers who need curriculum-based programs, we can work with the school district to meet Next Generation Sunshine State standards. For teachers who desire a less formal experience, our team can also read stories and have casual conversations with your students.

Please feel free to share with your principals, teachers, friends or anyone you think might be interested in setting up a virtual program. Your team is welcome to contact blaster@crowclinic.org to schedule a session. Program fees are negotiable and support the long-term care of our animal ambassadors and our educational efforts.