Red-tailed Hawk (24-2409)

Date Admitted: June 7, 2024
Status: Transferred

On June 7th, patient 24-2409 was brought into CROW after being hit by a truck and stuck in the grill for 17 miles in the rain. Upon initial exam the bird had dried blood on his right foot, broken feathers on both wings, and bleeding on the right wing. There were not any significant external wounds, however, staff suspected the patient might have sustained internal trauma. 

On June 8th, internal trauma was confirmed. The bird had a suspected pneumocoelom, which means there might be air or gas in its abdomen, along with a possibly enlarged liver seen on X-rays. The veterinarians decided to start the bird on pain medication for three days. 

The Hawk was continuously monitored and moved to a bigger cage to give it more space while continuing pain medication and fluid therapy.

Status Updates

Patient Transferred

June 14, 2024 12:00 am
Patient's mentation improved overall. Transferred to Avian Reconditioning Center for continued care.