World Migratory Bird Day

May 11 is World Migratory Bird Day in Canada and the United States! CROW is proud to treat migratory bird species. Whether they are admitted due to trauma from window strikes, cat attacks, hit by car or systemic diseases; our hospital provides care to treat and rehabilitate these species with the ultimate goal of releasing them back to the wild.

The theme this year of Migratory Bird Day is insects! Insects are vital to many bird species along their migration routes to fuel their long journeys. The loss of insect populations at breeding/nesting sites and along migration routes has impacted the survival and well-being of many migratory bird species. How can you help these species thrive? Reduce and eliminate your use of pesticides and fertilizers to allow these birds and other species to act as natural “pest” control in your yard. Plant native vegetation to provide food and shelter for these birds!
Share the importance of these species while enjoying a fun craft with your family! Print out the following craft to celebrate our wonderful bird species this year. Be sure to post your completed craft and tag us @crowclinic on social media!