Short-tailed Hawk #18-2613

Short-tailed Hawk #18-2613
Jul 02 2018

The short-tailed hawk is more common to South America than it is here in Florida, one of the few areas it can be found in the United States. Audubon estimates there may be fewer than 500 in Florida.

This gorgeous short-tailed hawk was found down, unable to fly in Cape Coral and was admitted to the CROW Clinic the morning of July 2. Fortunately, it does not have any broken bones, but does have some swelling on its wing and near its vent.

Status Updates

Wounds - Jul 03 2018 11:40 am

During a check this morning, the hawk was noted to have small wounds in the areas where swelling and bruising were noted at intake. Veterinarians suspect the hawk may be the victim of an electrocution. It will continue to be provided pain medication and monitored closely for worsening of swelling, development of edema, or tissue necrosis.

Condition Worsened - Jul 04 2018 3:25 pm

Unfortunately, the condition of the short-tailed hawk continued to deteriorate over the last 24 hours. Despite treatment, tissue near the wounds had become necrotic (dead tissue) and damaged the affected wing. Due to the hawk being unable to recover to the point of release due to the damaged wing and the high likeliness of severe internal trauma caused by electrocution, veterinarians made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize the hawk and prevent further suffering.