Northern Raccoon #17-3086

Northern Raccoon #17-3086
Aug 30 2017

On August 30, a neonate raccoon was found crying under a tree with its sibling. It was cold and quiet when it arrived. Unfortunately, the sibling had passed away before the two made it to CROW.

The young raccoon is only days old and has not yet opened its eyes or ears. This raccoon has what is known as a "blonde" coloration. Its fur is much lighter in color than other baby raccoons. As it grows older, its fur will darken a bit to resemble the normal raccoon look, but it will remain lighter than most. 

Status Updates

Deceased - Sep 21 2017 2:16 pm

The young raccoon unfortunately passed away. It was one of a number of patients which were evacuated during Hurricane Irma. The stress of the move and storm was too much for the very young and weak raccoon.