Laughing Gulls #16-3932, #16-3933

Laughing Gulls #16-3932, #16-3933
Dec 28 2016

Two laughing gulls arrived at CROW Clinic from Fort Myers after being found in the motor box section of a shrimp boat covered in diesel fuel and motor oil.  When they arrived at CROW’s wildlife hospital both gulls where immediately bathed in warm water with Dawn dishwashing liquid to help remove the diesel fuel and motor oil.

The gulls were emaciated and hypothermic because they lost their natural waterproof protection leaving their sensitive skin exposed. After receiving baths, the gulls where dried off and gently warmed with a hair dryer.

The gulls will receive supportive care and be closely monitored for side effects of the diesel fuel and motor oil.   Click here to see the laughing gulls being cleaned to remove the fuil and oil. 

Status Updates

One Laughing Gull has Died - Dec 30 2016 12:00 am

Laughing gull #16-3932 has died from complications of being submerged in diesel fuel and oil. The bird was given several baths to remove the oil but it had ingested too much into its system.

Proofing and Preening - Jan 04 2017 3:35 am

Proofing continues to be successful with the gull doing lots of preening (straightening and cleaning fathers). Proofing is done by placing the bird in a tub and watching how well the water repels off the feathers. The gull is eating well and gaining weight.

Poor Prognosis for Release - Jan 23 2017 10:55 am

After almost a month of care at CROW, laughing gull (#16-3933) has succumb to its injuries. The gull had poor range of motion in the left shoulder and a poor prognosis for release.