Visitor Education Center

Daily presentations at 11 a.m. featuring our Animal Ambassadors

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CROW’s Visitor Education Center (VEC) is designed to connect guests with wildlife in our care while maintaining patient privacy.  Patient health is imperative and federal and state laws do not permit guests to view patients directly. 

The VEC is a self-guided tour that highlights the life-cycle of our patients from the time they are admitted until their return back to nature. These patients can be viewed in the outside rehabilitation area through the live feed “critter cams.”  Through the live feed, guests will also view the intake room where all patients are admitted and the surgical suite.

The VEC offers up-close experiences with local wildlife during our daily “Wonders of Wildlife" presentations where guests will meet some of our Animal Ambassadors and learn why they now call CROW their home. 

Discover our invasive species exhibit and learn how they threaten our local environment and habitat. CROW also exhibits a few native and protected species including an Eastern Indigo snake and an American alligator.

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Guests are invited to walk through the interactive exhibit areas that feature:

          • NEW! "Be a Wildlife Veterinarian" 
          • NEW! Wildlife Skull Replicas and Wildlife Skull Matching Game
          • NEW! Children's Discovery Area 
          • "If You Care, Leave It There" Re-nesting Tree
          • Timeline of CROW’s History
          • Past Medical Records
          • Patient Rescue Stories
          • Live animal exhibits

Through these exhibits, Guests will learn about Reasons for Rescue, Treatment Methods and Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic Testing such as X-Rays, Supportive Care, Wildlife Rehabiliation and Release.

 Live camera feeds that feature:

A sneak peek at CROW's intake room where all incoming patients are evaluated to address their medical needs.  The outside animal enclosures offer an intimate viewing of wildlife going through their final stages of rehabilitation prior to release.  These areas are closed to the public so wildlife can recover in a stress-free environment.








Our Visitor Education Center is Gold Level Certified through the Florida Society for Ethical Ecotourism (FL SEE).