A collection of the most recent videos by CROW about patients, releases and treatments. Be sure to follow our channel on YouTube so you don't miss any of our videos!

A green heron was released after a month in recovery from a fractured right leg and fractured right coracoid bone.


Two brown pelicans released after treatment at the clinic. One was found wrapped in fishing line and the other had a wound on its abdomen. 


A striped mud turtle is released on Sanibel after recovering from a fractured carapace (upper shell).


Two recent releases from the CROW clinic! An eastern screech owl on Sept. 21 and a bridled tern on Sept. 22. 


The group of raccoons in our Woods Mammal Enclosure had a little party complete with a piñata full of their favorite foods they eat in the wild.


A burrowing owl (#17-2237) was released in Cape Coral after surviving a cat attack. Due to its injuries, its right eye had to be removed.