A collection of the most recent videos by CROW about patients, releases and treatments. Be sure to follow our channel on YouTube so you don't miss any of our videos!


A burrowing owl (#17-2237) was released in Cape Coral after surviving a cat attack. Due to its injuries, its right eye had to be removed.


Two of the six North American River Otters were released July 27 after nearly five months in care. Thanks to J.N. "Ding" Darling for assisting with the release.


Bald Eagle Released July 7 after recovering from a fractured humerus in its left wing.


A brown pelican released June 19 after being entangled in monofilament line with hooks embedded in its body.


Meet Billy the Armadillo! He is one of CROW's newest editions that is helping teach visitors about the impacts of invasive and "non-native" wildlife in Southwest Florida.