Administrative Staff

Executive Director:  Alison Charney Hussey • Email • Bio

Director of Development & Advancement: Aimee White • Email

Public Relations & Marketing Director:  Haillie Mesics • Email 

Education & Outreach Director:  Rachel Taylor • Email

Director of Operations and Human Resources:  Michelle Menendez • Email

Retail & VEC Associate:  Pam Stoike • Email

Retail & VEC Associate: Gina Cunningham • Email

Conservation Education & Marketing Intern: Alyssa Amundson • Email

Wildlife Hospital

Medical & Research Director:  

Staff Veterinarian:  Robin Bast, DVM • Email • Bio

Hospital Office & Admissions Manager:  

Hospital Training Coordinator: Becca Wehmeier • Email

Certified Veterinary Technicians:  Amber Strassler • Email

DVM Intern:  Kristen Schott, DVM • Email

DVM Intern:  Melanie Dittmer, DVM • Email

Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager:  Breanna Frankel • Email

Wildlife Rehabilitators:  Morgan Hester • Email;  Katie Mueller • Email; Lilli Pedersen • Email; Danielle Podmayersky • Email; Adriana Ferello Sheehan • Email

Facilities & Grounds Manager:  Randy Rainbolt • Email