Sea Turtles at CROW

A collection of stories in the news about sea turtle patients at CROW.


08-24-18: Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve: Five Rehabilitated Turtles Released Into Research Reserve Waters

08-22-18: Naples Daily News: Florida algae crisis: Sanibel clinic aids sea turtles ill from red tide

08-20-18: The News Press: Wildlife clinic confirms turtle rescued by tourist on Sanibel suffers from red tide poisoning

08-10-18: Island Sun: CROW Case of the Week: Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchlings

08-08-18: National Geographic: Red Tide Is Devastating Florida's Sea Life. Are Humans to Blame?

08-08-18: The Dodo: Thousands Of Sea Turtles Are In Danger Because Of This Weird Kind Of Poisoning

08-03-18: CBS This Morning: "Red tide" toxic algae outbreak in Florida

08-03-18: NPR's Here & Now: Wildlife Suffers Consequences Of South Florida's Worst Red Tide In A Decade

07-31-18: The Miami Herald: Dead fish, birds, manatees, even a whale shark. Toll from worst red tide in decade grows.

07-30-18: Santiva Chronicle: CROW Releases Two Sea Turtles; Discusses Safety of Releases

07-29-18: The Wall Street Journal: Why the Red Tide Is Killing Florida’s Sea Turtles

07-27-18: NBC2/ABC7: Number of sick sea turtles up this year because of red tide

07-24-18: USA Today: Hundreds of sea turtles washing up dead on Florida beaches; red tide likely killer

06-29-18: Island Reporter: Kemp's ridley admitted to CROW for possible red tide poisoning

06-29-18: Island Reporter: Released sea turtle to help shed new light on population

06-29-18: Mote Marine Lab News/Press: Male Loggerhead Satellite Tagged, Released on Sanibel

06-28-18: The News Press: Loggerhead sea turtle released on Sanibel after being treated for red tide poisoning

06-28-18: FOX 4: Loggerhead turtle released on Sanibel with satellite tracker

06-28-18: NBC2/ABC7: Rehabilitated sea turtle released after poisoned by red tide

06-28-18: WINK News: CROW releases loggerhead sea turtle back to gulf

06-13-18: FOX 4: Loggerhead turtle released after recovering from red tide

06-12-18: Santiva Chronicle: CROW Treats, Releases Loggerhead Diagnosed With Red Tide Poisoning

06-12-18: The News Press (Photos): Welcome home: CROW releases recovered sea turtle back to the gulf

06-12-18: The News Press (Video): Welcome home: CROW releases red tide poisoned sea turtle back to the gulf

06-12-18: Island Reporter: CROW, Turtle Time volunteers release loggerhead sea turtle

06-05-18: Santiva Chronicle: SCCF Rescues Male Loggerhead Sea Turtle

05-04-18: Island Reporter: CROW treating juvenile bald eagle, loggerhead and Kemp’s ridley turtles

05-01-18: FOX 4: Red tide poisoning sends two endangered turtles to CROW

04-17-18: The News Press: CROW releases loggerhead sea turtle back to Gulf

04-17-18: WINK: Loggerhead Sea Turtle released back into Gulf

04-17-18: FOX 4: Loggerhead Sea Turtle released by CROW

04-17-18: Island Reporter: Loggerhead sea turtle treated for red tide poisoning, anemia released

04-11-18: FOX 4: CROW released endangered sea turtle

04-10-18: The News Press (Photos): CROW releases rehabbed Kemp's Ridley turtle back to the Gulf of Mexico

04-10-18: The News Press (Video): Rare sea turtle released on Sanibel Island

04-10-18: FOX 4: Endangered sea turtle released on Sanibel Beach

04-10-18: Island Reporter: CROW releases sea turtle treated for red tide poisoning

04-04-18: WGCU's "Gulf Coast Live": Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection/Red Tide Impacts

03-30-18: ABC-7/NBC-2: Red tide poisoning turtles off the coast of Sanibel

03-30-18: Island Reporter: Patients Piling Up: Four sea turtles admitted to CROW within last few weeks

03-29-18: The News Press: Sick sea turtles showing up on Sanibel

03-29-18: Naples Daily News: Sick sea turtles showing up on Sanibel

03-09-18: Island Sun: CROW Case of the Week

03-07-18: FOX 4: Green sea turtle with 'bubble butt,' shell injuries admitted to CROW


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