Onsite Programs

At CROW we ensure that every one of our visitors and supporters receive a meaningful experience, since environmental conservation is invaluable to our community. Part of this experience includes participation with CROW’s “Wonders of Wildlife” educational programs. With the help of this program, your group will expand their knowledge, grow interest and compassion for animals, and learn respectful behaviors when encountering our native and migratory wildlife. 

Individuals who wish to format a program with CROW, either onsite in the visitor education center or offsite at an event, begin with an initial consultation with CROW’s Education Coordinator. Communications may be exchanged either via phone call or an email. Once program information has been finalized and a date has been saved, the group’s facilitator is notified of any associated fees or logistical requirements.

The most popular presentations are ones that teach audiences about common wildlife species seen throughout Lee County, but CROW’s education staff can generate tailored programs to meet any requirements. Specialized onsite and offsite opportunities are based on availability, and program fees vary based on the group size and desired experience – all program fees support our educational efforts and benefit the long term care of our animal ambassadors as well as the patients recovering in our hospital.

Coffee Klatch with Critters:

Are you an early riser and eager to exchange casual conversations about wildlife? Would you enjoy a continental breakfast with a predatory bird or a gopher tortoise? If so make sure to schedule a Coffee Klatch with Critters. This program will teach you and your friends about CROW’s animal ambassadors, highlighting why their presence is necessary for the environment.

Wildlife Walk with Rehabilitators and Staff:

Wildlife Walks are the best opportunity for visitors to get an in-depth look into the inner workings of CROW’s hospital and the treatment process. The program includes a presentation in the visitor education center and concludes with a tour on the recovery grounds. Although registration is open to everyone, Wildlife Walks are not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Lunch and Learn with Dr. Barron:

Lunch and Learn is an engaging discussion with CROW’s Hospital Director, Dr. Heather Barron. During this program she describes CROW’s role in supporting the interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health. The program includes a boxed lunch catered by the Sanibel Deli and concludes with a tour on the recovery grounds. Although registration is open to everyone, Wildlife Walks are not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Hospital Tour Reservation Policy:

CROW’s hospital tour programs (Wildlife Walk and Lunch and Learn) are booked on a first come, first serve basis. The tour schedule is posted on CROW’s website, social media outlets and in the island news publications. All program fees are paid in full at the time of reservation, and tours are offered during most types of weather. Once reservations are finalized, the funds are non-refundable unless CROW cancels the program for the safety of its wildlife patients and guests. If a refund is merited, guests may have the option of:

  • Receiving a Full Reimbursement
  • Utilizing the Program Fee(s) as a Credit Toward Next Visit (within 12 months of reservation)
  • Donating the Program Fee(s) for CROW Patient Care

Hospital Tour Age Recommendation:

CROW’s hospital tours show guests what it takes for the medical staff to rehabilitate its wildlife patients. Because the patient load fluctuates throughout the year CROW cannot guarantee what species, treatments or staff may be visible at the time of the tour. While on the tour guests may see patients receiving bandage changes, bottle feedings, surgery, physical therapy, etc. Individuals who are uncomfortable with visuals pertaining to an emergency hospital are encouraged to think carefully about reservation. Due to the nature of CROW’s hospital tours, it is recommended that guests are at least 13 years or older.