North American River Otters

In 2017, CROW is caring for six North American river otters from all around the state of Florida. Otters are very social and depend on each other to learn vital skills necessary for life in the wild.


10-6-17: Island Sun:  CROW Releases Trio of Otters

09-29-17: Santiva Chronicle: Three North American River Otters Released from CROW

09-28-17: Island Reporter: Three North American river otters released

09-27-17: The News-Press: CROW releases 3 river otters back into the wild

09-27-17: WINK: Otterly Cute

09-27-17: FOX 4: CROW releases river otters in Punta Gorda

08-30-17: Island Reporter: CROW still caring for four river otters

06-22-17: The News-Press: Orphaned otter pups from around the state find home at CROW

06-14-17: WINK News: CROW clinic cares for orphaned otters

03-22-17: Island Reporter: CROW caring for six otters

02-24-17: Island Sun: River Otters

02-22-17: WINK News: Orphaned baby otters treated at CROW clinic

02-15-17: Island Reporter: CROW providing care for North American river otter

02-07-17: WINK News: CROW helps baby otter search for new home


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