CROW Feathers: Taylor Jurgens

Where are you from?

"I am from Riverside, Illinois. My family recently moved to Sanibel!"

What is your position at CROW?

"I am an undergraduate externship student."

How long have you worked at CROW?

"I am finishing up my tenth week at CROW." 

What is your favorite animal and why?

"I don’t think I could indefinitely pick one animal as my favorite as every species I’ve seen at CROW has been so incredible to work with. However, the Brown Pelicans have been amazing to work with. They each have such big personalities and can be very sassy. Seeing them around the island soaring above the ocean and dive bombing the water is incredible to witness."

What is your favorite memory or story from your time at CROW?

"One memorable moment at CROW was when we had our first batch of sea turtle hatchlings arrive and pass their swim tests, so they were ready for release. So, a group of interns went to a designated quiet spot on a nearby beach with our red lights at night to release them and watching them go into the ocean, swim, and come back up for air only to continue swimming further into the ocean was amazing. Some took longer than others and some had to be taken knee deep in the water and were monitored for a while to ensure they would be ok to continue swimming. And on my way to the area, I saw a burrowing owl, a few bats, and a gopher tortoise (that I had to place far away from roads). It was a great reminder of the importance of preserving wildlife and the beauty of it!"

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of CROW?

"Outside of CROW, I love to stay active whether that means going on walks/hikes, running, going to the beach, swimming, or finding a new sunset location. I’m a huge foodie and love to find new places to eat and new recipes to try. I’m also a fur mom to my mini bernedoodle, Ollie, and goldendoodle, Duncan, who are quickly learning to love the ocean!"

What are some of your goals or aspirations for the future?

"I am aspiring to become a veterinarian, as of right now I am looking into aquatics but I am trying to keep an open mind. My next steps include gathering more animal experience during my next two years in undergraduate, then applying to veterinary school! Being able to work at CROW has further ignited my passion in working with wildlife and better prepared me for a future in veterinary medicine!"

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