CROW Feathers: Georgina Hopkins

Where are you from?

"I am from England – specifically Poole down on the beach on the South Coast! I have just completed vet school at the Royal Veterinary College in London. However, I was actually born in Seattle, Washington."


What is your position at CROW?

"I am a veterinary medicine externship student."

How long have you worked at CROW?

"I am just finishing my 20 day externship at CROW."


What is your favorite animal and why?

"My favorite animal that I have seen at CROW has either been the brown pelican, the Royal Tern or the Red-bellied Woodpecker! The pelicans each have such individual personality (which always includes a large amount of sass) and it was lovely to see the pair we cared for during my time here share their recess time and fish together. It was also so interesting to watch them communicate and their body language! However, my favorite animal globally is either the giraffe, the manatee, or the hedgehog (there are too many to select just one)." 

What is your favorite memory or story from your time at CROW?

"I have had so many amazing experiences during my weeks at CROW and there have been highlights from every single day. My most memorable medical moments have included placing an esophageal tube in a gopher tortoise and removing a fishing hook from a pelican! I have also always been curious and wanted to learn more about orthopedic surgery in birds especially as their bone structure and anatomy can be so different to mammalian species. Fortunately, I got to witness Dr. Pearson and Dr. Kellow place pins in a fish crow to stabilize his femur fracture and I got to ask all 1000 questions I had about the procedure and avian orthopedics! However, the thing that brings the biggest smile to my face is watching how happy the ducks and pelicans are when they have tub time and get to swim and paddle about in the water." 

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of CROW?

"When not at vet school or volunteering at my more local wildlife hospital, I spend a lot of time either helping care for my university’s pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle herd or directing the university’s annual musical! So far, I have performed in “Oliver” and “High School Musical: The Musical”, directed “Urinetown” and “Legally Blonde: The Musical” and produced “9to5”. When at home I also try to spend as much time at the beach and swimming in the sea as possible! It’s been great to swim in the ocean around Sanibel as we’ve gotten to see so much wildlife in its natural habitat including dolphins and osprey and the water is considerably warmer!"


What are some of your goals or aspirations for the future?

"I graduate as a vet a week from writing this and excitingly start at a small animal clinic in September – this has been a goal of mine for so long and I cannot wait for it to become reality! In the future, I aim to publish my research about European hedgehogs and continue my research further into the reasons for their decline, how we can better protect them and other British wildlife and their welfare whilst being cared for in wildlife hospitals. I am currently a marine mammal medic in the UK and long term, I aim to become a wildlife vet specifically working with British wildlife both aquatic and terrestrial! In general, I want to do my best to improve conservation and care of species globally both on an individual basis through individual treatment and via research to improve care of the species in general."

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