CROW Feathers: Carol Franca-Smith

Where are you from?

"I’m originally from Belo Horizonte, MG- Brazil."

What is your position at CROW?

"I am a veterinary medicine externship student."

How long have you worked at CROW?

"I was working at CROW for two months!" 

What is your favorite animal and why?


"My favorite animal to work with may be pelicans but I am a raccoon lover and now opossum lover too, thanks to Gigi. I loved seeing different types of turtles from Florida and to me, they are incredible and resilient animals. I also grew up having a very soft spot in my heart to all the birds, especially the birds of prey. Holding an osprey blew my mind. Okay, I guess I don’t have a favorite?" 

What is your favorite memory or story from your time at CROW?


" A juvenile brown pelican was admitted after being found entangled in fishing line, which was wrapped around his entire body causing abrasions on both wings and also an embedded double side hook on his left foot attaching its food to the left side of its body. This pelican stayed with us for about 18 days and you end up seeing it blossom and show a funny and goofy personality. It was such an honor to be able to witness its improvement day by day and be able to go to its release! It was an incredible emotional moment for me and it goes back to that story when you know you can’t save them all but for that Pelican’s life, we made difference. I’ll never forget his two little hops on land prior to taking off and flying towards freedom."

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of CROW?


"I really enjoy bird watching, going to soccer games, scuba diving, snowboarding, jiu-jitsu, hiking, learning new languages, and travelling. I am really good at eating vegan deserts too."

What are some of your goals or aspirations for the future?


"I am trying to get as much hands-on experience as I can, because my last year and half at vet school was impacted by covid. It hit Brazil really hard and we could barely leave our houses, never mind do an internship. I intend in the next couple of years to study and to take the boards here in the US. For that, I need a lot more of experience and practice ahead of me. I would like to be specialized in Avian medicine at some point. In the long run I would love to be able to rescue/ help as many animals as I can, perhaps running a small rescue place someday, somehow. I intend also to be able to join a scuba diving project to help clean the ocean from plastics and ghost nets. I would like to become involved with the fight against wildlife trafficking especially with parrots. I was able to visit Liberia and witnessed the quick decline of Timneh parrots there and in Brazil the Amazon parrot is the number one victim of the illegal pet trade and trafficking industry."