CROW Feathers: Breanna Frankel, CWR

Where are you from?

"I'm originally from South America (Chile) but was adopted and raised in Western New York."

What is your position at CROW?

"I'm the Rehabilitation Manager and Admissions Specialist."

How long have you worked at CROW?

"I've been with CROW for 5 years, I started our student program in January 2015 and got hired on as staff right after!"

What is your favorite animal and why?

"My favorite animal is Mina, our Great Horned Owl Animal Ambassador, because she's my pride and joy and earning her trust has been a remarkable journey. Of the animals we rehabilitate, I love baby raptors and crows!"

What is your favorite memory or story from your time at CROW?

"I have two memorable moments that I love. The first is from when I was a student and a giant moving box came in that was labeled "otter." We gloved up with our bite gloves and prepared for an angry adult otter, but when we opened the box it was a ferret! Turns out the neighbors ferret had escaped! The second is when I realized Mina fully trusted me and all the hard work was worth it! We were sitting outside enjoying some sunshine and the Red-shouldered Hawks that live on property were threatened by her and began dive bombing us. Instead of jumping off the glove and panicking, she closed her eyes and tucked her head into my chest expecting me to deal with it and keep her safe."

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of CROW?

"I enjoy going to the gym, hanging out with my dogs, seeing movies and spending time with my friends!"

What are some of your goals or aspirations for the future?

"I hope to have a prominent role in wildlife medicine as I grow in my career. I'd love to see orcas in the wild, witness the Great Monarch Migration, and visit some of the most wildlife rich places in the world."