CROW CAWs are weekly stories about wildlife patients admitted to our hospital. Our CAWs focuses on the care of over 5,000 wildlife patient each year and unique aspects of wildlife rehabilitation such as education initiatives, rare patients, and challenging medical cases. Click the image or link below to read each of these stories in the Santiva Chronicle. Thank you to Kingfisher Real Estate for sponsoring the CROW CAWs! You can help support the CAWs too by clicking here to make a donation!

This Week's CAW:

Sanderling Gets Caught in a Clam


Past CAWs:

09-11-20: Masked Booby Admitted to CROW, A First For the Clinic

09-04-20: Florida Softshell Turtle Eggs

08-28-20: Loggerhead Sea Turtle Rescued; Treated by CROW

08-21-20: The Burrowing Owl

08-14-20: Reddish Egret Rescued From Entanglement in Monofilament

08-07-20: Osprey Recovers from Broken Wing

07-31-20: Red-bellied Woodpecker (#20-2303)



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