2018 Advocacy by Dr. Barron and CROW

A collection of interviews and articles by CROW's Hospital Director, Dr. Heather Barron and CROW Staff.


07-13-18: The News Press: Strawless on Sanibel? Upcoming plastic straw ban has exceptions, alternatives

07-06-18: WGCU News: Red Tide Lingers off Sanibel and Captiva

07-05-18: ABC 7: SWFL's blue-green algae bloom hurting wildlife

07-05-18: The News Press & Naples Daily News: Awesome, Armored Armadillos

07-03-18: FOX 4: Doctors rush to treat animals impacted by algal blooms

07-02-18: WGCU's Gulf Coast Live: We get the latest on red tide

06-22-18: The News Press: Sanibel scientist leading the local fight against red tide

06-15-18: The News Press: Opossum facts: This is one Florida critter that deserves more of your respect

05-31-18: Hello SWFL: Rabies Alert Issued for the Fort Myers Area

04-06-18: Island Reporter: Sanibel among communities to mark Florida Gopher Tortoise Day

04-04-18: WGCU's "Gulf Coast Live": Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection/Red Tide Impacts

03-30-18: The News Press and Naples Daily News: Sick sea turtles showing up on Sanibel

03-22-18: The News Press Go Coastal: Washed Away in a Sea of Red

03-08-18: The News Press Go Coastal: Conservation Medicine 

02-05-18: Sanitiva Chronicle, Island Sun, Island Reporter: ROTARY HAPPENINGS: CROW's Dr. Barron Pays Visit 

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